MCH2022 Möbelhaus

Welcome to the MCH2022 tent & furniture shop for villages!

***A couple of add-on products are currently sold out and we are waiting for replenishment.***

Ordering Information:

Chairs & tables can be ordered in combination with a tent.
You can add chairs and tables to your tents as soon as you proceed your order with "continue" in your shopping cart.

Chairs & tables can also be ordered as a village without ordering a tent using a village furniture voucher.
You can get in touch with moebelhaus team and get a village furniture voucher to order all needed items for your village.

The basic village tent is 5x5 and we can join them together with a woterproof coupling.
The following tent sizes can be ordered :


If you want a different tent setup please mail the moebelhaus team with your request.

The following furniture items can be ordered:

Chair 4€
Table 13€
Bar table 24€
Bar stool 14€
Beer tent furniture sets 33€
Large Fridge 125€ Rent + 250€ Deposit

In case you are not part of a village and want to order a few tables and chairs, please join a village and combine your order with them. This helps us to distribute furniture in a more consolidated and structured way. Thank you for your understanding!

If there are any troubles with the ordering process, please get in contact with Moebelhaus directly:

Please take care of the relevant Covid-19 distance rules when calculating tent space & amount of furniture.

There is a limited amount of items available in the shop. In case something is sold out, this means we have to get in contact with our supplier to check for additional furniture availability.

The presale period for this event is over.

Where does the event happen? Scoutinglandgoed Zeewolde

When does the event happen?
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